Lincoln Recreation Center promotes healthy lifestyles in the New Year


COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – The Lincoln Recreation Center was full of energy and movement as people gathered on Saturday for the first in-person Dream Works in Action health and fitness exhibit.

Participants were able to participate in Zumba demonstrations, which take place every 30 minutes, and learn how to make healthy living a way of life.

“As long as you do something for at least 15-30 minutes a day and your body moves, it’s exercise and with Zumba when you hear the music you can’t help but move with it,” Lincoln Center supervisor Cheletia Johnson said.

The exhibit also included resources such as the Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Brazos County Health District, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Amber Alert Brazos Valley, National Alliance on Mental Illness Brazos Valley, Community Alcohol & Substance Awareness Partnership, Lions KidSight USA, Prairie View A&M University College of Agriculture & Human Sciences and more.

“These are the agencies that are basically free for people as long as they are aware of the services, and they can take advantage of the services, these are the people you would go to,” Johnson said.

The exhibit is part of a series of events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Johnson said he was an example of community service and lifestyle changes.

“These are the things that we want to promote a better life for everyone, by building a beloved community and therefore we use these different activities to build this beloved community,” Johnson said.

Johnson believes providing the tools to live a better lifestyle is part of the legacy King is leaving behind and one that everyone should strive to achieve, even in the midst of uncertainty.

“COVID has set a lot of us back, and we’ve seen what COVID has done to a lot of families,” Johnson said. “Some of our family are not here today, but we have to start somewhere. It’s never too late. “

The town of College Station is holding other events in honor of the King this month. Click here for more information.

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