Congressman Rosendale visits a group about possible changes to the Elevator Recreation Area


TOWNSEND – The Elevator Recreation Area Citizen Action Group (CAGSRA) met with Congressman Matt Rosendale to garner support for the popular area update and modernization.

In 2015, a group of concerned citizens met to create a plan to renovate and better expand the Silos recreation area. The Silos Recreation Area is located at the southwest corner of Canyon Ferry Lake, near Townsend. It is a popular area for boat launches, water recreation, and camping.

The group has since created a master plan that would better expand the access road, campground, boat launches and various other essential public services. A phased master plan will allow construction to proceed over time depending on the amount of funds allocated by the government.

On Friday, they were able to present their plan to Congressman Matt Rosendale at the home of band member Al Christophersen.

“I think whenever we find a place in Montana that has been underutilized due to lack of investment, it is our duty, whether it is a state official or a federal official, if the community asks, that we should be looking to see how we can help and complement this effort because what it does is make the economy even stronger in this area, ”said Rosendale.

Chistophersen is one of the original members of the group and the host of the reunion. He says he recognizes Broadwater County is small. But he believes this project could make a big difference in the community and in the economy.

“It’s a small county and we know that, but it’s a huge opportunity for central Montana, for Montana in general, for the recreational public across the country. And I hope they will come and share it, ”says Christophersen.

If properly funded, this project could transform the way the Montanans use Canyon Ferry Lake in the years to come.


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