Baby cot on wheels

With the advent of a baby in a young family, questions arise related to the proper organization of space in the apartment. A serious approach to the choice of children’s furniture in the future will have a beneficial effect on the well-being and development of the child.

A crib is a place where a newborn sleeps and stays awake in the first months of his life. Future parents will have to choose the most suitable one in which the baby can safely be. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from – there are many types of cribs on the market: with a rocking chair, with a changing table, with a chest of drawers, a transforming bed, with a drawer, pendulum.

Baby crib on wheels

The option on wheels will be of help in caring for an infant. An integral part of such concerns is feeding, so it is worth reading about the types of infant formula. The ability to easily move this type of furniture will be appreciated by parents planning to subsequently rearrange the apartment.


The design of the baby crib on wheels, differing in some details, is similar to the device of the standard design.

The design includes the following elements:

  • Frame. It is made in the form of a rectangle, however, there are options made in the form of an oval or circle. The standard dimensions of a rectangular frame are 128 cm x 68 cm.
  • Bed. In modern models, at least two levels of fixing the height of the bed-base are assumed for convenient laying and the safe presence of an infant in it.
  • Side walls with bars. Limit the bed for sleeping, preventing the child from falling out. At the same time, the rods, located at a distance of 5-9 cm from each other, make it possible for the baby to survey the surrounding space, get acquainted with the outside world, and observe the movements in the room. Adults freely observe the baby without disturbing him.
  • Orthopedic mattress. Lay on the bottom of the bed, making sure that the distance from the top of the mattress to the top of the enclosing side walls is sufficient and protects the baby from falling out. The dimensions of a standard mattress should cover the bed without gaps around the perimeter of the frame.

Depending on the design features, the wheels are attached to the skids or legs of the frame. The wheels of the structure, if necessary, are removed and fixed so that this piece of furniture does not roll away.



The direct purpose of a baby crib with wheels is a safe and comfortable place for baby to sleep and rest. It greatly simplifies the solution of the problem of organizing space for a small child, allowing him to move around the apartment with the help of wheels.

In the event that parents decide to temporarily install a crib in their bedroom in order to closely monitor the baby’s sleep and well-being, the design easily moves from one room to another. Although, especially advanced ones can also use a webcam to monitor a child.

On the topic of easy-to-move and comfortable devices for babies, you may also be interested in different types of highchairs, among which there are also mobile options, space-saving models, and even travel ones.

Another option for using wheels is to rock a baby. Even if the design is not equipped with rocking skids or a pendulum mechanism, the wheels allow you to gently roll the baby back and forth, creating a motion sickness effect. If necessary, the position of the place to sleep is fixed.

To increase the level of comfort when arranging a child, various devices that are part of the design are called upon: a pendulum mechanism, runners, wheels.

With the help of the height adjustment of the bed, parents calmly put the baby down. Equipping the structure with a built-in chest of drawers, pull-out lower drawers and a changing table will solve several problems at once: a place for changing clothes for a child, for storing toys, clothes, underwear, personal hygiene items.

Some models are able to transform into a teen bed as the child grows. Thanks to the extended base frame, the model with built-in chest of drawers turns into a free-standing chest of drawers and a full-fledged bed up to 1.70 m long.

This option is especially valuable because it does not require a change in the design of the entire room when the baby grows up. The chest of drawers and the bed are a single ensemble in the interior of the room. And if you still decide to change the design, then pay attention to silk liquid wallpaper. Although, their use will be justified during the growing up of the child, because it is an environmentally friendly material.

How to use

Operating rules

During installation and operation, observe the following rules:

  • Furniture is assembled according to the instructionsprovided by the manufacturer, from the standard fasteners included in the kit.
  • When assembling, pay attention that all bolts and fasteners are tightly tightened. In the future, a weekly check is carried out to see if the bolts are unscrewed and if the fasteners are loosened.
  • The place for installing the crib is chosen in a ventilated room.away from heaters, windows and doors, providing protection against overheating and hypothermia of the baby.
  • The bed is kept clean. To do this, regularly wipe the surfaces with a soft, damp cloth. As necessary, they inspect the structure to identify cracks, scratches, knots that can injure the baby.

The crib is equipped with an orthopedic mattress, which reduces the load on the spine and allows the child to take a comfortable position during sleep. Such a mattress has a positive effect on the nervous system, protects against increased pressure, pain in the bones and joints.

For free access of air to the mattress, the frame of this piece of furniture is equipped with a slatted bottom. The solid bottom contributes to the accumulation of moisture and insufficient drying of the mattress, as a result of which fungal infections and diaper rash develop in the baby.

Good ventilation of the mattress will protect against getting wet and accumulation of moisture after a night’s sleep. Impregnation of the surface of the mattress will protect against the appearance of mites and the accumulation of dust.

Precautionary measures

Of particular importance is the design, which will reliably protect the child in various situations.

Parents take precautions to ensure safe and comfortable use of the crib:

  1. As the baby grows, he begins to rise in the crib, so the height of the enclosing walls and the level of the bed should prevent the child from climbing over the sides.
  2. In order to protect against injury and damage to the baby’s skin, all surfaces of this type of children’s furniture have a rounded, smooth shape. Furniture for a newborn is made, excluding the use of elements with sharp corners.
  3. The bars with which the side walls of this type of furniture are equipped should be installed in such a way as not to obstruct the free view of the space around and ensure good ventilation of the sleeping bed.

The distance between the bars should not be more than 9 cm to protect children’s arms, legs and heads from getting stuck between the bars of the structure.

On the topic of child safety, we suggest looking at information on the types of child car seats (for babies, budget models, with a booster, with a weight limit of 36 kilograms, a baby carrier).

How to choose a crib on wheels


When buying, parents pay attention to the following criteria that affect comfort, service life and serviceability of structural elements and fixtures:

  • Multifunctionality. It is important that the model takes into account all the needs of young parents and the child. The crib, equipped with additional elements (chest of drawers, changing table, bottom drawers), pendulum mechanism and other options, provides a high level of comfort in caring for the baby.
  • Wheels. If frequent movement of the structure is planned, parents choose a model on durable wheels with locking elements. The wheel locks included in the furniture set will solve the problem of a possible rollback, reliably fixing the location of the crib.
  • When choosing a suitable model, take into account the requirement for silent rotation of the wheels, thanks to which the movement of the crib will not disturb the sleeping child. It is preferable to choose options equipped with polyurethane or rubber wheels.
  • The safety of the materials used. For production, environmentally friendly, harmless materials are used that are not capable of causing allergic reactions and do not contain toxic substances.

Preference is given to natural wood (see. Wooden crib – environmentally friendly and practical!), Processed and painted without chemically harmful substances (formaldehyde, lead). The safety of materials is guaranteed by the certificate provided by the seller upon purchase.

The service life of children’s furniture depends on its practicality and reliability. To maintain an impeccable appearance, models are chosen from materials that are resistant to moisture and detergents, and the fasteners included in the kit must be reliable (it is preferable to use metal fasteners).

  • Check the completeness of the selected option. The parts and bolts specified by the manufacturer in the instructions must be available.
  • Carry out a full check of the proper functioning of mechanisms and parts.
  • Choose a model whose dimensions will allow you to install it in a dedicated children’s area.

Reviews of buyers who already use this design, posted on the Internet, will help to form an opinion about the model.

  • The warranty card provided by the seller upon purchase will solve the repair problem in case of quality complaints.

Compliance with the requirements when choosing a model and a thorough check before buying will allow you to choose a crib option that will become your baby’s favorite place to sleep and relax.

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