LittleBits constructors – let’s grow a new Nikola Tesla or Elon Musk from childhood! MOYO


The kits consist of a huge number of all kinds of sensors, switches and regulators, and some schemes use an Arduino-compatible controller or an entire Linux-based microcomputer. The parts of the designer are connected to each other with the help of magnets, so that there is no danger of the soldering process or confusion with wires. In addition, the magnets will not allow the modules to be connected incorrectly – they will simply repel each other.

A huge range of Littlebits construction kits allows you to choose your hobby – from a musical synthesizer developed in collaboration with the KORG company – Synth Kit to a designer for creating a smart home – Smart Home Kit. If you want to get acquainted with Arduino, your choice will be the Arduino Coding Kit, and it’s easy to get acquainted with electronics with the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit or Base Kit.

Your child, and if desired, you yourself, will easily be able to learn the basics of robotics and programming. The Littlebits constructor allows you to start the basics of engineering thinking in an unobtrusive game form by working on interesting technical projects.

All Littlebits sets have online instructions for building a wide variety of structures. In addition, all sets are compatible with each other, and when using Brick adapters – with your favorite Lego constructors.


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