Villager caught in DUI golf cart near leisure center asks to be released with warning

Donna Hansen

A villager accused of driving under the influence while driving a golf cart wanted law enforcement to let her go with a warning.

Donna Frances Hansen, 62, of the village of Chatham, was driving the golf cart around 7 p.m. Saturday on Mulberry Lane near Mulberry Grove Leisure Center when she swerved into the traffic lane of another vehicle and almost hit the sidewalk, according to an arrest. Marion County Sheriff’s Office report. The other person stopped by to see if Hansen needed help and discovered that the New York native was apparently under the influence. There was an alcoholic drink in the center console of the golf cart.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the scene and found that “Hansen’s words were extremely garbled and mumbled,” according to the arrest report. The deputy tried to engage Hansen in some on-court sobriety drills, but she “nearly fell, stumbling backwards.”

A criminal background check revealed she had six prior convictions for driving under the influence, including convictions in Broward, Volusia and Palm Beach counties. His driver’s license is currently suspended.

Hansen said she drank “a White Claws or two” and took xanax before driving the golf cart. She also said she was taking morphine and oxycodone and knew she shouldn’t be drinking with those drugs.

However, she asked the deputy if he would “just give her a warning,” according to the arrest report. She added that she was “on the verge” of having her driver’s license reinstated.

She provided a breath sample which was not measurable, but she provided a urine sample.

She was arrested for felony driving under the influence and misdemeanor driving with license suspension. She was sentenced to Marion County Jail on $10,000 bond.


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