The Centennial Recreation Center is a popular spot for New Years goals


Gyms across the country typically see their activity spike in January, as getting in shape is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, if not the most popular.

The Centennial Recreation Center, 171 W. Edmundson Ave. at Morgan Hill, sees many people signing up in the New Year looking to become more active and lead healthier lives, said recreation supervisor Debbie Vasquez.

The center attracts people primarily through word of mouth, who are drawn to its amenities and welcoming environment, Vasquez said.

Membership benefits include full access to the fitness center, outdoor aquatic center for swimming, group exercise studios with over 60 classes per week, gym for basketball , volleyball, pickleball and badminton, and other activities.

“For me, fitness isn’t just about going to the gym, it’s about setting goals, achieving personal accomplishments, building self-confidence and peace of mind,” said Vasquez. “As a competitive triathlete it is important for me to have nice facilities where I can train, but just as important for me to have friends to participate in my trip, to help me hold myself accountable. and stay sane. The town of Morgan Hill has some of the finest facilities in the country, and I feel honored to be able to work in these facilities to help the community achieve its goals and stay active and safe.

The center has implemented numerous Covid-19 protocols over the past 22 months, according to Vasquez. Wearing a mask is mandatory indoors at all times. He’s also created an outdoor cardio space and exercise studio, where masks aren’t required, that offers a variety of popular classes in a socially distanced format.

Members are encouraged to use a personal cleaning bottle provided at the entrance to the facility to keep it with them and spray their equipment before and after use, she added. In addition, the staff, who must be fully vaccinated or tested every week, clean and disinfect throughout the day.

Prospective members are encouraged to check out the facilities and see how the center can help them achieve their goals, Vasquez said.

“Our team is committed to providing a welcoming, fun and engaging experience for all ages,” she said.

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Jennifer Hollinbaugh hits the treadmill at Centennial Recreation Center. Photo: Robert Eliason

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