Air purifiers and humidifiers

To create a comfortable atmosphere at home, at work or in a car, you can install special equipment – air purifiers and humidifiers. Purifiers are a system of filters that pass air flows and collect

6 Best Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a special equipment designed to clean the air from allergens, tobacco smoke and dust. The device also eliminates unpleasant odors in the room and disinfects the air. To choose the right

Water coolers

Water coolers are devices that make it easier to get drinking water. Human health depends on the quality of the liquid consumed, and thanks to the cooler, you will have clean drinking water in hot

Kettle with thermostat

Some of the first electric kettles appeared in the late 19th – early 20th century. Over time, their design, functionality improved. Now the range of electrical devices is so large that it is difficult for

Water filters

Thanks to inventions, namely filtration, any liquid is purified. During filtration, water passes through stages of purification, the quality of purification depends on the number of stages. The first stage – mechanical filtration – removes

8 types of water filters

Water from a centralized water supply is subjected to purification before use in order to remove impurities, heavy metals and microorganisms. Filters are used for this procedure. Filter jugs The filter jug ​​consists of 3

Iron water filter

Iron removal of water is an urgent problem of mankind. With an increased concentration of iron, a specific aftertaste and a yellowish tint appear, and iron bacteria develop. It is possible to purify water from

Wash water filters

Clean drinking water in the house is one of the vital necessities, especially when children live in the family. The quality of drinking water without additional purification is much lower than bottled water, which is

Coarse water filter

Coarse filters (CSF) are such purification devices that purify the water entering the house from solid fractions – clay, lime, chlorine, rust, sand and other foreign components. CSF is traditionally installed in the water supply

Water pre-filter

Preliminary water filters (otherwise called main, coarse water filters or first stage filters) are installed in the inlet line of the home water supply. The body of the primary filtration devices is made of metal