It is difficult to screw the socket, assemble the shelf, install the bracket if there is no screwdriver at hand. There are no universal models, despite the loud statements of manufacturers, so choosing the right

3 best models of car alarms for 24 volts

Peculiarities Designed for various special vehicles, in particular for buses and trucks. Characteristics Impact sensor. Implementation of the main functions. pros Protects heavy vehicles. Minuses Mainly used for trucks only. Top Models StarLine T94 GSM/GPS

Infrared heaters

The algorithm of operation of infrared heaters differs significantly from the principle of operation of convection devices. They convert electrical energy into thermal energy thanks to a heating element located inside the structure. The principle

Overview of ceramic heater Opal Hybrid

The Opal Hybrid ceramic heating panel is a combination of modern style and innovative technology that creates a dual type of heating: convective and infrared. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and materials, the

Overview of ceramic heater POLARIS PCWH 2067 DI

The model is characterized by comfortable work thanks to electronic control, overheating protection, two heating modes and additional options. The device is an inexpensive option for a heater for a small room. The design consists