[ad_1] When I saw Neo Tools for the first time, I thought that if it’s Chinese, then it’s junk. I don’t trust the manufacturers of the Celestial Empire, I had a negative experience. But soon I was going on a hike in the mountains with friends for a week, and as you know, there is […]


It is difficult to screw the socket, assemble the shelf, install the bracket if there is no screwdriver at hand. There are no universal models, despite the loud statements of manufacturers, so choosing the right tool is not easy. Screwdriver device The principle of operation of a screwdriver is based on its design, consisting of […]

Foam guns

Mounting foam – household or professional – is necessary when installing plastic windows, replacing old doors, sealing and insulating. To work with professional varieties, a special tool is used – a mounting gun. The device of guns for polyurethane foam Before studying the functioning of the tool, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with its […]

Tile cutters

Before a box of tiles turns into wall or floor cladding, a lot of routine processes will go through. But even perfect masonry is easy to spoil with ugly cut patches. Therefore, a quality tile cutting tool is the first thing to take care of before starting repairs. How a tile cutter works The algorithm […]

8 types of hammers

The operation of the device with a drive is based on the principle of operation of a hammer – impact on an object or part. According to the type of energy supplied, hammers are divided into: electric; mechanical; hydraulic; pneumatic drive. Electric hammers The source of external energy is the electrical network. The engine drives […]


Surface grinding is a complex mechanical process. In addition, it is difficult to achieve a perfectly flat surface by hand. This was dictated by the emergence of such a power tool as a grinder. How a grinder works The action of the grinder is based on the effect of friction of the abrasive surface of […]

Spatulas and painting tools

Neither cosmetic nor major repairs can do without a spatula, brushes and painting accessories. The selection of hand tools is often overlooked, although it is this type of equipment that is responsible for the appearance of surfaces. The final quality of the finish also depends on it. Types of spatulas and painting tools Painting tools […]

construction mixer

A building mixer is a mechanical device designed to prepare a mixture that is homogeneous in composition and state of aggregation. Construction mixer device In construction, there are a number of operations based on the “wet” method of finishing. They use aqueous suspensions of finishing materials. To create the latter, ready-made dry compositions are mixed […]

Building level

The building level is a tool that detects the slope of surfaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. How they work The algorithm of operation of any of them is reduced to the choice of the installation point and the place for measuring the level. The remaining options depend on the particular type of tool […]


Welding is the process of permanently joining metals by heating and fusing them. For this, a special tool is used – a welding machine. Types of welding machines There are the following types of welding: manual arc (MMA); argon-arc (TIG); semi-automatic (MIG/MAG); spot (SPOT); plasma cutting (PLASMA). Manual Arc Welding Machine (MMA) For welding, an […]