car soundproofing

In expensive cars, the problem of sound insulation is solved by the manufacturer even at the stages of concept creation. The situation is different in cheap models, where noise protection is ignored or a minimum

fan heaters

Fan heaters are designed for local heating of living and working premises, offices. They are not suitable for continuous operation, therefore they are used only where people stay for a relatively short time. Principle of

Overview of ceramic heater TIMBERK TCH A1N 1500

The model of an infrared heater from the Warmth Booster series is created according to European quality standards. The time-tested Swedish brand has proven itself well in the Russian market. Service centers are located in

5 best baby loungers

Sun loungers for children are divided into two categories: for newborns and for growing babies. Each series has its own characteristics, taking into account the anatomical structure and needs of the child. How to choose


Parents prefer playgrounds that combine practicality and safety. The choice takes into account: the age of the child; manufacturing company; construction material. Types of playgrounds Age classification: 3-5 years. The complexes for this category usually

Swedish wall

The Swedish wall is a universal way to organize a compact home gym. There are models that will not clutter up even a small apartment. And the ability to supplement the design with attachments (rings,