Overview of ceramic heater ROTEX RCX201-H

ROTEX ceramic heater model RCX201-H turbo is a wonderful device for heating the whole house and not only. Three operating modes allow you to quickly raise or maintain the temperature in the room. Thanks to the built-in fan, warm air is evenly distributed throughout the room, providing heating to every corner of the apartment. Use […]

Review column Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2: powerful and inexpensive

[ad_1] External speakers with sound transmission via Bluetooth or via a 3.5 mm jack have become very popular recently. Many manufacturers are rapidly improving the performance of their products, bringing better products to market with each iteration. One of the brightest representatives are JBL speakers that can play sound and work as a charger. They […]


It is difficult to screw the socket, assemble the shelf, install the bracket if there is no screwdriver at hand. There are no universal models, despite the loud statements of manufacturers, so choosing the right tool is not easy. Screwdriver device The principle of operation of a screwdriver is based on its design, consisting of […]

Spatulas and painting tools

Neither cosmetic nor major repairs can do without a spatula, brushes and painting accessories. The selection of hand tools is often overlooked, although it is this type of equipment that is responsible for the appearance of surfaces. The final quality of the finish also depends on it. Types of spatulas and painting tools Painting tools […]


Welding is the process of permanently joining metals by heating and fusing them. For this, a special tool is used – a welding machine. Types of welding machines There are the following types of welding: manual arc (MMA); argon-arc (TIG); semi-automatic (MIG/MAG); spot (SPOT); plasma cutting (PLASMA). Manual Arc Welding Machine (MMA) For welding, an […]

6 best oil paints

Since the advent of universal latex, silicone and acrylic compositions with better characteristics, the popularity of oil paints has fallen sharply, but they continue to be used due to their relatively low cost and unique performance properties. Oil-based paints keep repair costs down, so they will never go out of demand. How to choose oil […]

Gas plastic pipes

Thinking about how best to bring gas to a private house or make wiring in the yard, take care of choosing modern pipes. Previously, they were made of metal, and with the development of advanced technologies, a safe gas pipeline is laid from pipes made of inexpensive, reliable material. Special plastic pipes for the transportation […]

Square plastic pipes

Pipes with a square section are used in the construction of houses, in industrial pipelines, in ventilation installations. Square products are connected easier than round ones. Application Used in the manufacture of furniture. They look original in fences, having an advantage over metal products. Used in indoor and outdoor construction. PVC pipes are used for […]

Overview of the 10 best types of Tarkett linoleum

Tarkett is the leading manufacturer of floor coverings in Russia. A company with more than a century of experience produces safe and durable linoleum in the original design. High quality control at the stages of production allows you to create a building product that is resistant to environmental influences. The company produces various types of […]

Review of 8 types of the best parquet board

Parquet board is one of the most popular floor coverings. The basis for this is the unique patterns of natural wood, the richest assortment and affordable cost in comparison with other types of floors. How to choose a parquet board Important parameters: wood species Oak is considered the most durable material, the surface is not […]