T-shirt is a functional item in the wardrobe of men and women. Such clothes are used for everyday wear, leisure, walking and work. The products are universal because they favorably complement different images and are

5 types of children’s bicycles

Choose a bike for a child according to age and height. At least that’s what the manufacturers say. Another parameter for choosing a vehicle is the weight of the baby. For each age, manufacturers offer


A scooter is a convenient vehicle for children from the age of two. Learning to ride it is not difficult, the main thing is that the child can already maintain balance while standing on one

6 best wheelchairs for kids

Rolling toys for kids, despite their size, have been popular with parents for more than one year. The reason lies in their versatility: one toy can simultaneously be a development center, a scooter, and a


The purpose of the playpen is to ensure the safety of the baby at a time when parents cannot look after him. A thing is not purchased for a child: he is interested in learning

8 types of Lego

The well-known Danish company Lego has been producing children’s construction sets made of multi-colored safe plastic for girls and boys, preschoolers and schoolchildren since 1949. Pirates and superheroes, monsters and ninjas, police officers, firefighters and

how to choose, characteristics, pros and cons

Snow scooter is a children’s vehicle for riding on snowy roads and slides. The product is intended for use by children from 4 years of age. The child gets a lot of pleasure from independent

Top 5 snowmobiles for kids

The snowmobile is a mechanized sled with controlled skids (caterpillar mechanism) that glide smoothly even on loose snow. From snow scooters for adult users, children’s models differ in less power and dimensions. The built-in security

8 types of children’s tricycles

A tricycle for children is a vehicle for a child to move independently or with the help of parents. More functional than a scooter and suitable for the little ones. Due to the 3 wheels

Review of 5 types of the best balance bikes

Balance bikes – bicycles without pedals for children. These are functional products with the help of which the child learns to maintain balance and acquires basic riding skills. When choosing a balance bike, it is