Square plastic pipes

Pipes with a square section are used in the construction of houses, in industrial pipelines, in ventilation installations. Square products are connected easier than round ones. Application Used in the manufacture of furniture. They look

Cutting boards

Chopping boards are used for cutting and serving food, as coasters for hot dishes. When choosing a model, pay attention to the shape, size and material. Types of cutting boards According to the material, the


Multicookers – the main purpose of the device is the preparation of various dishes in automatic modes. The design of the multicooker is unique and is a special pan with a built-in heating element. Optionally,


A samovar is a device for heating water and making tea. Works on the basis of fuel (charcoal, chocks, cones) or an electric heating element. Unlike an electric kettle, it keeps the water temperature for

changing tables

Changing tables are made of different materials: plastic, metal, chipboard, wood. To choose the right model, be guided by the dimensions of the room, the functionality and safety of the product for the child. Changing

Bed with rocking chair

Choosing a crib for a baby is a question that is guaranteed to arise in front of parents. An interesting option is rocking chairs. Once upon a time, babies were rocked in cradles, and now

Wooden constructor

Constructors for children are a set of wooden parts of various shapes, putting them together, the child gets a finished toy: a fairy-tale character, a doll house, a car model or even a bird feeder.