Built-in ovens

A built-in oven is present in almost any kitchen. When choosing household appliances of this type, it is important to consider the main and auxiliary technical characteristics. Modern built-in ovens are able to turn a beginner into a skilled cook thanks to their wide functionality. Characteristics of built-in ovens Types of ovens The first parameter […]

7 best mini ovens

The popularity of wind mini-ovens is due, first of all, to their low cost and compact size. This household appliance easily finds its place in any kitchen, is just as easy to operate, and many modern models are as functional as full-size ovens. In addition, it is desktop ovens that are good for baking, they […]

Meat grinders

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance with a mechanical or electric drive for crushing and chopping food. Principle of operation The meat grinder consists of: housings (material – stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, plastic); receiver (tray for direct laying of products); auger (an element that supplies products to the knife); four-bladed knife; lattice (mesh/disk). […]

food containers

A food container is a container primarily intended for storing, freezing or preparing food or prepared meals. The taste and aroma of food in such dishes last longer thanks to the airtight lid. Device The principle of operation of the tray is based on the fact that products are placed in it to perform a […]

How to choose reliable scales up to 5 kg

Choosing scales, first of all, you need to decide on the mass that he is able to weigh. The popular value of this value is 5 kg. On such scales it is easy to determine the portion size, prepare the dough and prepare vegetables for canning. Whole chicken or fish easily falls within the measuring […]

Review of 7 types of the best cutting boards

Traditional kitchen boards are designed for cutting food, but there are also models for serving and serving food only. Sometimes these items are used as coasters for hot dishes. A separate view is represented by decorative models. They are decorated with drawings applied in different ways: paint, carving or burning. It is highly undesirable to […]

Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are an accessory designed for processing food. With the help of them, they clean, cut and cut meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and various gastronomic products. Types of kitchen knives The classification of kitchen knives is based on the purpose of the accessory and the type of product being processed. The following types are […]

Knife set

Kitchen knives are designed for cooking. Each operation has its own type. The advantage of knife sets is in the combination of basic models that allow you to expand the functional tasks of cutting. The blade of a universal specimen, when used for all operations, wears out in 3-6 months, after which either sharpening or […]


Multicookers – the main purpose of the device is the preparation of various dishes in automatic modes. The design of the multicooker is unique and is a special pan with a built-in heating element. Optionally, it is a traditional pressure cooker that combines the capabilities of several kitchen appliances: bread makers, steamers, rice cookers and […]

8 types of smokehouses

Hot smoking at home is a fascinating and interesting process that allows you to get dishes of excellent quality and taste. The point is to process products with hot smoke. Meat, lard, poultry, fish, seafood, cheese and vegetables are used for smoking. How does it work Smoking is carried out in a special device – […]