Flashlights are used for different purposes: in everyday life, construction, travel. Their main characteristics are impact resistance, moisture resistance, luminous range and directivity of the light beam. Principle of operation LED flashlights are easy to turn on and carry by hand. They shine quite brightly, have high power. The case is made of plastic or […]

8 types of water filters

Water from a centralized water supply is subjected to purification before use in order to remove impurities, heavy metals and microorganisms. Filters are used for this procedure. Filter jugs The filter jug ​​consists of 3 elements: a jug with a lid; receiving bowl – funnel; cartridge. A jug is a transparent plastic container of 1.5-4 […]

Iron water filter

Iron removal of water is an urgent problem of mankind. With an increased concentration of iron, a specific aftertaste and a yellowish tint appear, and iron bacteria develop. It is possible to purify water from iron on your own, but this is too laborious a process. Increased iron content is the main factor that reduces […]

Water pre-filter

Preliminary water filters (otherwise called main, coarse water filters or first stage filters) are installed in the inlet line of the home water supply. The body of the primary filtration devices is made of metal or polypropylene materials. The design is complemented by various types of cleaning elements, the choice of which is determined by […]

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The most efficient and timeless water treatment systems are based on reverse osmosis technology. How a reverse osmosis water filter works What is reverse osmosis? The use of reverse osmosis technology lies in the fact that from a more concentrated solution, which is water with organic and inorganic substances dissolved in it, when passing through […]

Main water filters

Tap water is not of high quality. It contains harmful impurities (rust, sand, clay, salt), there is an unpleasant smell, taste. This affects the functionality of household appliances: kettles, boilers, dishwashers, washing machines. The main harm is such water for human health. The solution to this problem will be water purification using a main filter. […]

Overview of the 8 best models of Bosch washing machines

Products of the famous German brand Bosch have been on the market for over a hundred years. One of the company’s activities is the production of highly intelligent washing machines. Thanks to high quality standards, functionality and long service life, Bosch products are in high demand. BOSCH WIS 28440 – recessed under the worktop The […]


Diapers are an intimate hygiene item, the main function of which is to absorb urine and liquid feces. This type of underwear is used by astronauts, divers, bedridden patients, incontinent adults and children who have not learned to control urination. Types of diapers There is a huge variety of diapers. Moisture-absorbing products can be divided […]

Constructor for a girl

The constructor is an educational toy for different age categories, depending on the characteristics of a particular variant. It is a set of modules from which objects or pictures are assembled. The group includes familiar blocks from which you can build houses, various soft prefabricated options and even puzzles. For a long time it was […]

7 best boats for fishing

Properly chosen boat guarantees easy control, maneuverability, stability on the water. The rating is presented by the best models that are popular with anglers. How to choose a boat for fishing Each model has its own advantages, as boats are made of materials with different technical characteristics, have different dimensions, equipment, speed, and capacity. When […]