Welding is the process of permanently joining metals by heating and fusing them. For this, a special tool is used – a welding machine. Types of welding machines There are the following types of welding: manual arc (MMA); argon-arc (TIG); semi-automatic (MIG/MAG); spot (SPOT); plasma cutting (PLASMA). Manual Arc Welding Machine (MMA) For welding, an […]

Review of 5 types of the best laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinder is a technological device for determining the distance by means of a laser beam. Models are divided into pulse and phase. Principle of operation Pulse . The principle of operation is based on the constant value of the speed of light. Knowing the travel time, the distance to the desired object is calculated. […]

Review of 8 types of the best pneumatic spray guns

Pneumatic spray gun is a tool used when performing paintwork, applying primers, liquid rubber and other materials on various surfaces. The distribution of the paint is made by compressed air, which creates a spray jet as it passes through the nozzle. A compressor is used to supply air. Types high pressure (HP); high volume at […]

Review of 8 types of the best laser levels

Laser level – equipment for building perfectly straight lines in several planes. With its help, measurements are carried out in the construction, industrial, architectural fields. The device is also suitable for domestic use. Principle of operation It consists in the formation of the projection of the laser beam on specific surfaces. The resulting lines or […]

Review of 12 types of the best building hair dryers

A building hair dryer is similar to a regular hair dryer that emits warm air. Only it is many times more powerful and is used during repair and construction. With it, you can: produce synthetic wall decoration; remove stickers; remove vinyl coverings; remove coatings containing varnish or paint; peel off synthetic-based carpet tiles; do heat […]

6 best aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiators have such advantages as light weight, high heat transfer rates and a wide range of design solutions. Models made using different technologies behave differently when connected to heating. In addition, they are sensitive to the quality of the coolant, and most of them are designed for installation in private homes. But with new […]

Electric towel warmer

As part of the bathroom equipment of a modern home, there is always a heated towel rail. It is intended primarily for drying towels, bathing accessories and other things. At the same time, this device, due to heating, creates a comfortable microclimate in the bathroom in terms of temperature and humidity, prevents condensation from forming, […]

Gasoline engine oil

Regardless of the class of car, the issue of selecting oil is of interest to all buyers. Work is recommended to be trusted by car service employees. They will pick the right one. Characteristics of oil for a gasoline engine Compared to mineral and semi-synthetic, synthetic ones win. But not everyone can afford them due […]

Turbine engine oil

Not every composition provides stable operation of the motor. The full potential of the vehicle is revealed only with proper selection. Peculiarities The use of a turbocharger is the main difference between a conventional diesel engine and a turbocharged one. In diesel engines, pistons move by igniting a mixture of air and fuel. Then the […]

Review of 10 types of the best parking sensors

Parking a car is one of the most difficult tasks for a driver. Parktronics help both beginners and more experienced car owners cope with this operation. Device and principle of operation The design of the parttronic consists of an electronic unit, sensors and a warning or image mechanism. The device consists of several sensors built […]