laundry dryer

Clothes dryers are used to dry clothes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Especially popular are floor, ceiling, wall and sliding models. Principle of operation The principle of operation of electrical devices: Non-contact devices equipped


Diapers are an intimate hygiene item, the main function of which is to absorb urine and liquid feces. This type of underwear is used by astronauts, divers, bedridden patients, incontinent adults and children who have

Wooden constructor

Constructors for children are a set of wooden parts of various shapes, putting them together, the child gets a finished toy: a fairy-tale character, a doll house, a car model or even a bird feeder.

Kitchen corners

A kitchen corner is a furnishing option that allows you to rationally organize the space, equip it with the necessary functionality, and compactly arrange the elements. Types of kitchen corners Among the kitchen corners there