8 best steam cleaners

Using a steam cleaner allows you to clean all kinds of surfaces, eliminate pathogenic microbes and allergens, and unpleasant odors. The operation of the device is based on the creation of a hot stream of rarefied steam, which is supplied under high pressure, so the use of chemical cleaning reagents is not required for cleaning […]

laundry dryer

Clothes dryers are used to dry clothes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Especially popular are floor, ceiling, wall and sliding models. Principle of operation The principle of operation of electrical devices: Non-contact devices equipped with special infrared sensors that are triggered when you place your hands under the work area. The degree of sensitivity […]

Washing machine

Buy a washing machine or not? This question does not arise in any family. She became a part of life, an assistant in household chores. The home appliance market is saturated with a variety of models, so when buying it is important to know what you want. Think about where the machine will stand, how […]

Narrow washing machine

Today it is absolutely impossible to imagine any household without various types of household appliances. The washing machine occupies in it, if not the main thing, then an honorable place. A variety of models of different brands can satisfy any, the most sophisticated taste. There is practically not a single consumer function left that has […]

Top loading washing machine

There are two types of automatic washing machines according to the type of loading: front-loading or top-loading. Models of each of these two varieties have advantages, disadvantages, an original set of characteristics and design features. Combine their general principles of operation and a standard set of design components. Consider in this material the basics of […]

Overview of the 10 best INDESIT washing machines

Washing machines are devices that wash and dry clothes. When choosing designs, pay attention to the number of loads of laundry for one wash, ease of operation, and the maximum spin speed. The technically reliable and functional design is distinguished by protection against leaks, overheating, and foam control. INDESIT Wisl – front loading washing machine […]

10 best washing machines

Washing machines operating in automatic mode are divided according to the method of loading laundry, power, and the presence of various functions. In Russia, equipment of well-known Western brands of Turkish, Chinese and domestic assembly is presented. How to choose a washing machine Before buying an automatic washing machine, consider the place where the installation […]

Overview of the 8 best models of Bosch washing machines

Products of the famous German brand Bosch have been on the market for over a hundred years. One of the company’s activities is the production of highly intelligent washing machines. Thanks to high quality standards, functionality and long service life, Bosch products are in high demand. BOSCH WIS 28440 – recessed under the worktop The […]

Overview of the Bosch WLG 20060 washing machine

The Bosch WLG 20060 washing machine is a classic design in this category of household appliances. The location of the door on the front of the washing machine allows you to place it even in a limited space, but requires additional space to open the door. The household appliance drum is created in 3D-AquaSpar design. […]

Overview of the washing machine Indesit IWUC 4105

The design of this model is a classic. There is a front loading hatch and 16 modes. The drum material is stainless steel. The maximum load of linen is 4 kg. For one mode of operation, on average, up to 45 liters of water are spent. The model can be called small-sized with a width […]