Constructors for kids

Designers contribute to the mental, psychological development of the baby. Regular exercises give pleasure, strengthen the motor skills of the fingers, form the basis of logical thinking, aesthetic perception of the world around. Toys are

8 types of Lego

The well-known Danish company Lego has been producing children’s construction sets made of multi-colored safe plastic for girls and boys, preschoolers and schoolchildren since 1949. Pirates and superheroes, monsters and ninjas, police officers, firefighters and

Constructor for a girl

The constructor is an educational toy for different age categories, depending on the characteristics of a particular variant. It is a set of modules from which objects or pictures are assembled. The group includes familiar

Types of constructors

Popular game for children. With the help of miniature components, various objects are created and game scenarios are conceived with them. The designer is able to captivate the child for two or three hours, while