10 best yogurt makers

Yogurt is a fermented dairy product that contains important micronutrients for the body. A special device – a yogurt maker – will allow you to get high-quality healthy yogurt at home, as well as cottage

Kitchen scales with volume measurement

The use of scales in the kitchen is an opportunity to follow the recipe and calculate the calorie content of dishes. Today, people, and especially women, are obsessed with the figure, diets and dietary restrictions,

Electric dryer with timer

An electric dryer is a special household kitchen appliance with a heating element, a thermostat and removable trays. It is intended for dehydration of vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms in order to preserve their useful properties

Children food

Baby food is food products manufactured in an industrial way (corresponding to the requirements of the Institute of Baby Food and GOST), adapted to the physiological characteristics of the child’s body. Designed to meet his