6 best AAA batteries

Remote controls, flashlights, clocks, interactive toys, and other gadgets used by modern people often run on batteries. The most popular format is AAA. Finger batteries 4.46 cm long and 1.05 cm in diameter have this

15 best overlockers

Overlock helps to overcast edges, prevent fraying and create professional-looking seams. The overlock stitch is flexible, so it can be used even on stretch knit fabrics. In addition, modern overlockers are able to make role-playing

Review of 7 types of the best children’s rugs

Play mats contribute to the normal development of children. They not only allow you to explore the world around you, but also help physical development. How to choose a baby rug Before buying, it is

6 best wheelchairs for kids

Rolling toys for kids, despite their size, have been popular with parents for more than one year. The reason lies in their versatility: one toy can simultaneously be a development center, a scooter, and a

Review of 10 types of the best baby monitors

A baby monitor is an electronic device for monitoring an infant who is out of sight of parents or other adults caring for the child. Device and principle of operation It is a system of

5 best products for kids and moms

China is the market leader in electronic goods. Today, Chinese companies offer a wide range of highly intelligent devices that can simplify the life of modern mothers and delight children. Xiaomi MITU Smart Building Blocks

6 best interactive toys

Techno toys develop children’s physical and mental skills. They develop motor skills, speech, train memory. Manufacturers offer gadgets in the form of characters from TV shows, cartoons and the animal world. Not without the classic

6 best educational toys

Educational toys are designed to develop fine motor skills of hands, attention, memory, sound perception. The range of such products is impressive in variety. In order not to get lost in a rich choice, you

Stuffed Toys

Soft toys are loved not only by children, but also by adults. These are warm, pleasant to the touch, bright and colorful products that give kids positive emotions, activate sound, tactile and visual receptors, teach

Developing mats

The developing mat is a soft playground, complemented by various bright components: toys, soft obstacles, hard elements. Types of developing mats In a certain age period, the product helps the development of certain skills. Category