5 best solid fuel boilers for long burning

A solid fuel boiler for long burning is equipment in demand among owners of country houses. It runs on natural fuels – wood and coal. The functioning of the boiler is based on the slow,

6 best floor fans

Fans and air conditioners are the most efficient way to cool rooms. The best option is to use both types of equipment, but this method is expensive. Fans are popular due to their affordability and

Electric towel warmer

As part of the bathroom equipment of a modern home, there is always a heated towel rail. It is intended primarily for drying towels, bathing accessories and other things. At the same time, this device,

Electric floor heating

The choice of a suitable underfloor heating option depends on whether it will be used as the main or additional heat source in the room. Consider all sources of heating in the house: radiators, heated

Electric fireplaces

Modern models of electric fireplaces are equipment made of high-tech materials with a thoughtful stylish design. Such a hearth is suitable for both apartments and private households. Types of electric fireplaces An electric fireplace works

Car cabin heater Termolux-800

This heater is compact and lightweight, equipped with a ceramic heating element. It is used in car interiors for additional heating, prevents fogging of windows. Ease of installation and movement of the device is provided

Overview of ceramic heater Termolux-160W (YF-800)

A heater for a car will help to defrost car windows, and, if necessary, some mechanisms. Termolux-160W (YF-800) is a compact black ceramic model that allows spot heating of the machine. Functions The heater allows:

10 best built-in ovens

An electric oven is one of the key pieces of equipment in a modern kitchen. The popularity of built-in electric ovens is due to the wide functionality and ease of use. How to choose a

6 best nail lamps

A nail lamp is a special device with which gel polish, color gel or biogel is fixed. The device is available not only to nail design professionals, it can be purchased for home use. How

Review of 8 types of the best foot massage baths

To get rid of the unpleasant consequences of long walking or sedentary work and give your feet rest and health, it is recommended to use special devices – hydromassage foot baths. Regular hydromassage procedures allow