Meat grinders

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance with a mechanical or electric drive for crushing and chopping food. Principle of operation The meat grinder consists of: housings (material – stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, plastic); receiver (tray for direct laying of products); auger (an element that supplies products to the knife); four-bladed knife; lattice (mesh/disk). […]

Cutting boards

Chopping boards are used for cutting and serving food, as coasters for hot dishes. When choosing a model, pay attention to the shape, size and material. Types of cutting boards According to the material, the following types of boards are distinguished: wooden; glass; plastic. Wooden boards are used for cutting meat and fish, vegetables and […]

Kitchen Choppers & Blenders

The kitchen chopper is popular among housewives who know how and love to cook. The process of processing and preparing food is faster than using manual kitchen appliances. A simple kitchen knife for manual cutting and chopping can’t compete with this compact device. Products are cut into even pieces or portions. Depending on the intended […]

Food processor with slicing discs

A food processor is an electromechanical food processing unit that combines the functions of several household appliances at once – a shredder, a meat grinder, a mixer, a blender and a slicer, a grater. Principle of operation The structural elements of the food processor are: work bowl; drive mechanism (electric motor); set of nozzles; control […]

Food processor with meat grinder

A food processor is a household appliance for grinding food: meat, fish, vegetables, berries and fruits. The device is intended for daily use. One of its functions is the grinding of meat products. When choosing a combine with a meat grinder, you need to pay attention to the power of the motor, the number of […]

Food processor with juicer

A food processor is a household appliance that is used to prepare and prepare culinary dishes. Its peculiarity is the combination of several useful functions at once: food processing (slicing, mashing) and preparing drinks (juice, cocktails). The types of such devices can be found here. The versatility of the application of this device resembles a […]

6 types of food processors

The food processor is a universal household appliance designed for food processing: chopping, chopping, mixing, slicing, squeezing juices. Modern food processors equipped with electronic control are called processors. Such a device performs the functions of household kitchen appliances – meat grinders, graters, blenders, juicers, vegetable cutters. Types According to the type of device, combines are […]

8 types of bread machines

A bread maker is a device for making fresh bread at home. Unlike a simple microwave, the device does the kneading dough, baking the muffin itself. Human participation is not required. Bread is baked for 1 to 6 hours. The device makes not only ordinary bread, but also muffins, croissants, jam, preserves. Models with baking […]

Geyser coffee maker

A geyser coffee maker is a machine that will help you prepare aromatic and rich coffee. Before choosing this household appliance, familiarize yourself with its functional features and advantages, as well as the operating conditions. How does a geyser coffee maker work? Geyser coffee makers are divided into two types: electric and gas. Electric ones […]

Coffee maker with built-in grinder

To facilitate the selection process, you should understand: the type of brewing, whether you need a built-in automatic cappuccino machine for latte, whether you plan to prepare cappuccino with thick foam from milk or cream, whether you need multi-level grinding of coffee beans, which helps create your own flavored drink recipe. Global brands for the […]