Body massagers

Massage improves health, serves as a prevention of diseases and a way to lose weight. Home massagers help to focus on the part of the body that needs relaxation and stimulation. Types of body massagers

6 best wheelchairs for kids

Rolling toys for kids, despite their size, have been popular with parents for more than one year. The reason lies in their versatility: one toy can simultaneously be a development center, a scooter, and a

8 types of children’s tricycles

A tricycle for children is a vehicle for a child to move independently or with the help of parents. More functional than a scooter and suitable for the little ones. Due to the 3 wheels

Budget child car seat

Until the age of 12 years, traffic rules prohibit the transportation of children without a special restraint device. You will need a child car seat to transport your baby. It must meet safety requirements and

Budget Tricycle

Riding on a children’s bicycle transport develops a love for sports in a small child, he becomes active in physical and intellectual development. It is not necessary to buy an expensive children’s vehicle, there are

Tricycle for children from 2 years old

The tricycle has become a great alternative to the stroller. In addition to the comfort of walking with a baby, cycling itself has a lot of health benefits for children. Advantages These include: there is


A baby who is one year old is bored sitting in a stroller. He can’t walk for long periods of time. An excellent solution would be to buy three-wheeled vehicles. Peculiarities Buying bike equipment for

Bicycle with footrests

With age, the motor activity of the crumbs increases, and sitting in a stroller becomes uninteresting. Safety is at risk, because the mobile baby strives to slip out. The task of parents at this stage