Hand vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is intended for cleaning of dirt, dust, small debris. Some models clean up spilled liquid. The device will refresh the furniture, get rid of dust on soft surfaces. With its help, woolen

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner – the unit is similar in principle to a turbine, designed to clean rooms from pollution, dust by suction. The classic version – an engine with a through passage of air flow on

6 best handheld steamers

Unlike conventional irons, handheld steamers do not damage the fabric. They cope with delicate textiles, indispensable for clothes with frills, ruffles and rhinestones. Steamers iron curtains on cornices, synthetic and natural fabrics easily lend themselves


Cornice – a design for attaching curtains to walls, windows or ceilings. This is a functional element and a decorative accent, which is selected taking into account the characteristics of the room. Types and characteristics