Constructors for boys

Toys that are useful are valuable. Are there many activities that benefit the baby? If you think about it, yes! Hide and seek – develop perseverance in achieving the goal and attentiveness, hide and seek

10 types of plastic constructors

Cubes The block toy is suitable for young children. Development with the help of such a toy begins from one year. Cubes are plastic multi-colored squares, playing with which, the baby learns to distinguish shapes

Constructors for kids

Designers contribute to the mental, psychological development of the baby. Regular exercises give pleasure, strengthen the motor skills of the fingers, form the basis of logical thinking, aesthetic perception of the world around. Toys are

Movable constructor for children

The baby has grown up, and cubes and cars are no longer amusing. He threw them into a distant box and does not remember. Or you are going to a birthday party for a friend’s

8 types of Lego

The well-known Danish company Lego has been producing children’s construction sets made of multi-colored safe plastic for girls and boys, preschoolers and schoolchildren since 1949. Pirates and superheroes, monsters and ninjas, police officers, firefighters and

8 types of educational construction sets

The development of the baby occurs from the very first day of life. In order for the offspring to develop correctly and harmoniously, parents tell him fairy tales, communicate with him and offer ways for

22 types of children’s designers

Popular toys for children are constructors. Such a gift will please the most demanding baby. They have the same principle: these are elements that are interconnected and form a single figure. Parts are cubic, spherical

Wooden constructor

Constructors for children are a set of wooden parts of various shapes, putting them together, the child gets a finished toy: a fairy-tale character, a doll house, a car model or even a bird feeder.

Constructor for a girl

The constructor is an educational toy for different age categories, depending on the characteristics of a particular variant. It is a set of modules from which objects or pictures are assembled. The group includes familiar

Metal constructor

The metal construction set is considered a complex toy and embodies the dream of any boy to “work” with tools similar to adults. Cold metal fascinates, allows you to create the most complex models using