Review of ceramic gas heater Bartolini Pullover I

Bartolini Pullover is a portable ceramic heater. It is compact and safe. Connects to a standard 5-50 liter gas cylinder, which will have to be purchased separately. The panel is made of ceramic. Due to


If even users who have nothing to do with the sewing business know about the sewing machine, then only specialists are familiar with the carpetlock. The coverlock is a universal device that combines the functionality

Cover stitching machine

When sewing knitwear, jerseys and split fabrics, the correct processing of the edges is an important issue. It cannot be performed on an electric or electromechanical sewing machine due to the inelasticity of the stitch

Review of 12 types of the best collars

Collars are functional products that help to monitor and care for the animal. When choosing models, consider the size, weight of the dog or cat, the design and quality of the materials. Pay attention to