Cooking surfaces with several burners differ from standard stoves in the absence of an oven – they are rectangular, less often square with installed heating zones with different coatings. The most popular coating is enamel

Large electric dryer

To choose a capacious electric dryer, consider the design features of the model range of devices, completeness and options. The electric dryer for fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs is a household appliance equipped with a

Automatic coffee maker

The popularity of coffee is due to the variety of taste, aroma and invigorating properties. For admirers of this drink, sooner or later the question of buying a coffee maker becomes urgent. When choosing specialized

10 types of electric kettles

The electric kettle has become an indispensable attribute of any kitchen. The first electric kettle looked like a case with a small stove attached to the bottom, but from the time of its appearance (the

Ceramic electric kettle

A teapot in the kitchen of a modern housewife is not only the main attribute of tea drinking. This is a faithful assistant in the process of cooking and baby food, canning and even a

Glass electric kettle

An electric kettle is a small household appliance, without which it is impossible to imagine everyday life. Some models are equipped with backlight and many additional functions, which makes their use as comfortable as possible.


The microwave oven has become a must for heating food. It makes life more comfortable, more convenient, easier. Advantages Accelerates the process of cooking, heating food. Compact size allows you to place even in a

Iron water filter

Iron removal of water is an urgent problem of mankind. With an increased concentration of iron, a specific aftertaste and a yellowish tint appear, and iron bacteria develop. It is possible to purify water from

Narrow washing machine

Today it is absolutely impossible to imagine any household without various types of household appliances. The washing machine occupies in it, if not the main thing, then an honorable place. A variety of models of

Children food

Baby food is food products manufactured in an industrial way (corresponding to the requirements of the Institute of Baby Food and GOST), adapted to the physiological characteristics of the child’s body. Designed to meet his