Review of ceramic gas heater Bartolini Pullover I

Bartolini Pullover is a portable ceramic heater. It is compact and safe. Connects to a standard 5-50 liter gas cylinder, which will have to be purchased separately. The panel is made of ceramic. Due to the fact that gas residues burn in the ceramic heating element, it is classified as an environmentally friendly heater. The […]

10 types of the best electric ovens

There are many options for electric ovens on the Russian market: built-in ovens, independent, desktop, freestanding, mini-ovens, ovens for industrial purposes. Models differ in design, dimensions, number of additional options, price. In order for the choice of the oven to be correct, and the device to serve for a long time, it is better to […]

Review of 10 types of the best gas stoves

The choice of appliances for the kitchen is a responsible task. The purchase of a stove must be taken seriously, because this purchase is long-term – you choose equipment for more than one year. The article presents the best models of gas stoves of various categories. You should pay special attention to them when choosing […]

Overview of the gas stove GEFEST 3200-06

GEFEST 3200-06 is a reliable and stable gas stove, which is characterized by ease of use and maintenance. Differs in a practicality and technical safety. This gas stove combines comfort, convenience, quality assembly and stylish exterior design. The design is wear-resistant, made of high-quality materials that are not amenable to mechanical stress. The model withstands […]

Review of 5 types of the best induction cookers

Induction cookers are used for quick cooking or reheating food. When choosing such designs, pay attention to the dimensions, functionality, case material and other technical characteristics. It is desirable that the tile looks good in the kitchen space, does not take up much space. How to choose an induction hob Decide on the type of […]

Overview of the induction hob Meridian PI-4

The induction cooker for cooking and heating food is characterized by high power and heat-resistant work surface, it allows you to cook food in 6 working modes. The design weighs about 10 kg, so it is not transportable. The device is functional, with a high level of protection, a convenient program for management. The tile […]

Overview of the induction cooker KOBOR I7-4T

Induction desktop hob with multi-level segment indexing. The design consists of 4 separate burners, each of which is controlled separately. The stove is equipped with 13 operating modes: 5 are used for delicate dishes and heating, 6 with the boiling mode. The product is functional, provides reliable protection against overheating of the structure (ventilation), with […]

Overview of the induction cooker with oven Electrolux EKD 513502 X

The stove is characterized by high energy savings, despite the large dimensions and equipment of 4 burners. The working surface is heat-resistant, the design is functional, equipped with a timer and a protective system. The oven door is removable, inside the oven is covered with a special enamel, which is easy to clean. The oven […]

Overview of AEG HK894400FS built-in induction hob

The tile is durable and technically safe, looks good in any kitchen, provides quick heating of the work surface. Cooking zones without restrictions allow you to cook in dishes of different sizes and diameters. The product is equipped with the function of recognition of dishes, quick stop of cooking Stop&Go. The design is completed with […]

7 best hobs

A separate cooking surface is a great alternative to traditional bulky stoves. The right choice will save the budget and space in the kitchen, and will also allow you to fit the hob into the design of the room. How to choose a hob When choosing a hob, pay attention to the criteria by which […]