Review of 17 types of the best multicookers

A slow cooker in the kitchen reduces cooking time and does not require monitoring the cooking process. The built-in microprocessor controls the cooking modes, sets the temperature of the heating elements and the cooking time,

Overview of the Redmond RMC-PM 380 multicooker

The Redmond RMC-PM 380 multicooker replaces a whole set of kitchen devices: a multicooker, a bread maker, a microwave oven, a pressure cooker, a double boiler. Using the pressure cooker function, you reduce the cooking

Bread maker for gluten-free baking

A bread maker is an electrical small-sized household device, the main functional purpose of which is baking – bakery products at home. The gluten-free oven allows you to bake gluten-free bread, which is suitable for

Budget bread makers

Soft and fragrant bread is obtained only with the help of a bread machine – a baking tool. With its help, they bake both ordinary bread and Borodino, wheat. You can also create your own

Multifunctional bread maker

The bread maker, which has numerous programs, is an indispensable tool for cooks. With its help, you can cook soft, fresh, fragrant pastries at home. With strict observance of the sequence of laying and the


Multicookers – the main purpose of the device is the preparation of various dishes in automatic modes. The design of the multicooker is unique and is a special pan with a built-in heating element. Optionally,

8 types of bread machines

A bread maker is a device for making fresh bread at home. Unlike a simple microwave, the device does the kneading dough, baking the muffin itself. Human participation is not required. Bread is baked for

8 types of multicookers

Multicookers have become indispensable helpers. These devices help to cook healthy food with minimal time and effort, without the use of gas and electric stoves. A variety of types of multicookers makes it difficult to

9 types of infant formula

Nowadays, mixtures are made from anything. But the main types of mixtures that are popular are food based on natural milk, cow or goat. Many believe that both of these types are not different from

12 types of cat food

The appearance of a cat in the house is accompanied by a number of questions regarding care and upbringing. Each owner takes care of the health of his animal, surrounding him with care: he monitors