wine cabinets

Each brand of wine has its own special taste and aroma. In order not to lose an exquisite bouquet, it is necessary to create certain conditions for storing bottles with a drink. Arrangement of wine cabinets According to all the rules of winemaking, for the maturation and long-term storage of wine, you need: stable temperature […]

Built-in refrigerators

They differ from free-standing ones in the device of the cooling and condensation system, in the design: installation inside a cabinet, wall or panels is possible. There are horizontal refrigerators and vertical ones. They are built into the kitchen furniture and organically fit into the interior. The design solution here is not at the expense […]

10 best yogurt makers

Yogurt is a fermented dairy product that contains important micronutrients for the body. A special device – a yogurt maker – will allow you to get high-quality healthy yogurt at home, as well as cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir and sour cream. How to choose a yogurt maker A yogurt maker is a simple […]

Review of 10 types of the best toasters

Toasters are used for making baked goods. When choosing devices, it is worth considering the power, functionality, the number of prepared toasts, the dimensions and material of the products. Device and principle of operation The structure of the toaster chamber is the same as that of an electric stove that works with electrically conductive heating […]

8 best toasters

The main task of the toaster is the uniform browning of bread, regardless of the recipe. Modern models can not only fry bread, but also cook sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, heat food and combine the functions of a grill and an oven. How to choose a toaster When choosing a toaster, pay attention to some parameters […]

Meat grinders

A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance with a mechanical or electric drive for crushing and chopping food. Principle of operation The meat grinder consists of: housings (material – stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, plastic); receiver (tray for direct laying of products); auger (an element that supplies products to the knife); four-bladed knife; lattice (mesh/disk). […]

food containers

A food container is a container primarily intended for storing, freezing or preparing food or prepared meals. The taste and aroma of food in such dishes last longer thanks to the airtight lid. Device The principle of operation of the tray is based on the fact that products are placed in it to perform a […]

Cutting boards

Chopping boards are used for cutting and serving food, as coasters for hot dishes. When choosing a model, pay attention to the shape, size and material. Types of cutting boards According to the material, the following types of boards are distinguished: wooden; glass; plastic. Wooden boards are used for cutting meat and fish, vegetables and […]

6 best kitchen scales

Kitchen scales are an indispensable assistant for a person who is fond of cooking. Also, the unit is necessary for those people who, in connection with dieting, need to weigh each serving of food. Today, the kitchen equipment market offers a wide range of scales. They differ from each other in the mechanism of operation, […]

Glass kitchen scales

For dietetics and cooking, an important indicator is the observance of the exact amount of ingredients in the cooking process. A kitchen scale, a household appliance related to measuring technology, can help in solving this problem. They determine the weight of the ingredient – both liquids and bulk products. Consider what are the advantages of […]