10 types of the best electric ovens

There are many options for electric ovens on the Russian market: built-in ovens, independent, desktop, freestanding, mini-ovens, ovens for industrial purposes. Models differ in design, dimensions, number of additional options, price. In order for the


The microwave oven has become a must for heating food. It makes life more comfortable, more convenient, easier. Advantages Accelerates the process of cooking, heating food. Compact size allows you to place even in a

Simple microwave oven

The operation of a microwave oven is based on the effect of exposure to microwave electromagnetic radiation on the water contained in food. High-frequency vibrations heat up the water in the products placed in the

Free standing microwave

The “birthday” of the microwave oven is the 8th day of the 10th month of the distant 1945. On this day, inventor Percy Spencer was awarded a patent for an invention. An accident helped the

Microwave with grill

A microwave oven is a popular and sought-after household appliance designed for preparing a variety of dishes, for heating and defrosting food when exposed to microwaves. A modern device in an ergonomic case can be

8 types of water filters

Water from a centralized water supply is subjected to purification before use in order to remove impurities, heavy metals and microorganisms. Filters are used for this procedure. Filter jugs The filter jug ​​consists of 3

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The most efficient and timeless water treatment systems are based on reverse osmosis technology. How a reverse osmosis water filter works What is reverse osmosis? The use of reverse osmosis technology lies in the fact