Baby rocking chairs

Rocking furniture is a safe and comfortable design for children of different age groups, including category 0+. It consists of a sitting or lying place for a child, a frame and a base (legs). The principle of operation of the device lies in the pendulum mechanism, which is set in motion manually or automatically. Types […]


T-shirt is a functional item in the wardrobe of men and women. Such clothes are used for everyday wear, leisure, walking and work. The products are universal because they favorably complement different images and are suitable for different seasons. Types of T-shirts Men’s Classic men’s t-shirts – combined with jeans, chinos, a sports jacket and […]

5 types of children’s bicycles

Choose a bike for a child according to age and height. At least that’s what the manufacturers say. Another parameter for choosing a vehicle is the weight of the baby. For each age, manufacturers offer models, focusing on the height and weight of the child, and on the needs of the crumbs, which are characteristic […]


A scooter is a convenient vehicle for children from the age of two. Learning to ride it is not difficult, the main thing is that the child can already maintain balance while standing on one leg. The scooter is lighter and more compact than other vehicles, it can be stored without problems even in a […]

8 types of children’s tricycles

A tricycle for children is a vehicle for a child to move independently or with the help of parents. More functional than a scooter and suitable for the little ones. Due to the 3 wheels in the design and stable in a horizontal position. There are 8 types of bikes on the market. They are […]

Budget Tricycle

Riding on a children’s bicycle transport develops a love for sports in a small child, he becomes active in physical and intellectual development. It is not necessary to buy an expensive children’s vehicle, there are many affordable designs on the market that are equipped with convenient functionality. Device There are two-wheeled and three-wheeled models of […]

Tricycle for children from 2 years old

The tricycle has become a great alternative to the stroller. In addition to the comfort of walking with a baby, cycling itself has a lot of health benefits for children. Advantages These include: there is a strengthening of immunity; improving the blood supply to the body; development of movement coordination; muscle strengthening; the formation of […]


A baby who is one year old is bored sitting in a stroller. He can’t walk for long periods of time. An excellent solution would be to buy three-wheeled vehicles. Peculiarities Buying bike equipment for a baby is a difficult task for parents, as you need to consider: Child’s age; design; Security; Comfort; The weight. […]

Children’s tricycle with a backpack

A solution for changing the stroller on a walk can be a children’s bike with a handle and a backpack for small things of the baby. But the choice is extensive, but I want the model to be comfortable, and at the same time beautiful. Peculiarities The movement is controlled by the parents, while their […]

Review of 6 types of the best children’s bikes

When your child grows up, there is a need for additional transportation for the baby, especially in warm weather. Based on some recommendations for choosing a bike, you can easily buy what you need at the moment. How to choose a children’s bike Child’s age and physical development Each age category has its own types […]