10 types of electric kettles

The electric kettle has become an indispensable attribute of any kitchen. The first electric kettle looked like a case with a small stove attached to the bottom, but from the time of its appearance (the end of the 19th century) to the present, it has greatly changed and improved. The modern household appliances market offers […]

Ceramic electric kettle

A teapot in the kitchen of a modern housewife is not only the main attribute of tea drinking. This is a faithful assistant in the process of cooking and baby food, canning and even a stylish element of the interior. That is why the choice of such a device should be taken carefully and demandingly. […]


The microwave oven has become a must for heating food. It makes life more comfortable, more convenient, easier. Advantages Accelerates the process of cooking, heating food. Compact size allows you to place even in a small kitchen. Cooking is more economical than on a gas, electric oven. Easy operation, care. Food odors remain inside the […]

10 best washing machines

Washing machines operating in automatic mode are divided according to the method of loading laundry, power, and the presence of various functions. In Russia, equipment of well-known Western brands of Turkish, Chinese and domestic assembly is presented. How to choose a washing machine Before buying an automatic washing machine, consider the place where the installation […]

how to choose, characteristics, pros and cons

Walkers are products designed to ensure that the child learns to move quickly and correctly. Such models will help free up time for doing other things while the baby is busy with an exciting process. He will be able to try the entire range of motion at once, develop coordination. This helps to strengthen the […]

Review of 7 types of the best children’s rugs

Play mats contribute to the normal development of children. They not only allow you to explore the world around you, but also help physical development. How to choose a baby rug Before buying, it is important for parents to decide what exactly they want to buy a play mat for, as there are many varieties: […]

5 best baby loungers

Sun loungers for children are divided into two categories: for newborns and for growing babies. Each series has its own characteristics, taking into account the anatomical structure and needs of the child. How to choose a baby lounger On sale are models used from birth until the period when the baby gains weight of 9 […]

Wooden crib

The birth of a new family member is associated with a lot of trouble. In order for the child to feel good, grow up healthy and cheerful, properly organize his living space. One of the main problems is the choice of a place for the baby to sleep. Decide where the child will sleep, organize […]


With the advent of the baby, joy and happiness come to the house. But along with them, there are a lot of questions and problems that need to be solved thoughtfully and correctly. Such a problem is the choice of bed. This item has been used for more than one year and should be comfortable […]

Baby cot on wheels

With the advent of a baby in a young family, questions arise related to the proper organization of space in the apartment. A serious approach to the choice of children’s furniture in the future will have a beneficial effect on the well-being and development of the child. A crib is a place where a newborn […]