South Lake Tahoe planners will review recreation center plans


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — The City of South Lake Tahoe Planning Commission will review designs for the new South Lake Tahoe Recreation and Aquatic Center at its 3 p.m. meeting on Thursday, March 10.

The staff report describes the project as a “93,254 square foot recreation and aquatic center. The project is two stories high and includes a competition pool, lap pool, lazy river, gymnasium, elevated running track, administrative offices, commercial-grade kitchen and programmed rooms for various recreational activities. .

The plan follows the Bijou Area Plan, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, and city codes and regulations. The only exception is a special purpose permit to reduce the parking ratio.

According to city codes, recreation centers are required to provide one parking space for every 300 square feet of general floor area, which would mean this project would need to provide approximately 300 spaces.

The lot currently has 78 spaces and they are proposing to add another 36 for a total of 114, which LSC Transportation Consultants says would be sufficient for peak times of the day.

In the staff findings, they listed the reasons for approving the reduction in parking, including “the reduction in parking spaces will reduce the environmental impact of use”, and the project incorporates pedestrian pathways, allowing the access for non-motorized vehicles to the centre.

The commission will be asked to pass a resolution granting the Special Use Permit and declaring that the project complies with the TRPA, the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan and the City of South Lake Tahoe General Plan, city-wide design standards and the Bijou/Al Tahoe community. Plan codes.

The commission will also consider granting the Tahoe Wellness Center a micro-business cannabis license.

“The Tahoe Wellness Center currently operates under City Code §6.55.840 – Existing Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, which provided a 3-year grace period for existing medical marijuana dispensaries to continue operating (as of March 2019 when the Cannabis Ordinance was passed), after which operations would be subject to all applicable city regulations, permits and licenses,” the staff report states.

TWC, which is located at 3443 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, has proposed an amendment to the Central Tourist Area Plan/Specific Plan to allow industrial services, wholesale and distribution, and small-scale manufacturing within the main tourist walkway.

As part of their permit application, they included “an educational component that emphasizes the sustainable benefits of local manufacturing and culture.”

The educational component will include land reclamation practices, on-site greenhouse gas reductions from on-site cultivation, sustainable heating and lighting systems, multi-modal and transit cycling benefits, on-site sustainability systems and future sustainability goals, TWC’s 1% commitment to environmental causes and environmental stewardship and how stewardship relates to local environmental goals and objectives.

Finally, the commission is invited to review a draft subdivision map for a multi-family housing project at 3708 Lake Tahoe Boulevard and 3709 Osgood Avenue.

Commissioners approved the project at their Feb. 22 meeting, but California law requires them to approve maps of any subdivision of five or more units. This project should have three buildings divided into 14 units.

If the draft plan is approved, the final subdivision plan will be reviewed and approved by the City Surveyor before being approved by City Council.

The meeting can be viewed in person at 1901 Lisa Maloff Way or remotely via Channel 21, the city’s website at http://www.cityofslt.usthe city’s Facebook page at or via ZOOM at


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