Program at Fluellen Recreation Center to help youth in Columbus


COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) — Teaching kids the ins and outs of good grooming. That’s the goal of Fluellen Recreation Center’s Groom Groom Room program.

Organizers tell News Leader 9 the program will help prepare children for school, life and, in some cases, avoid being bullied.

The recreation center is looking for more children to participate. Activities include games, movies and hands-on educational tests to help children learn proper grooming and self-care techniques. Whether it’s showering, applying deodorant, combing their hair and getting their teeth fixed – organizers say these tools are life-changing and will stay with them forever.

The director of the center says the program is vital for young people in the region.

“There are so many things you can teach little kids that will get them used to understanding the importance of being clean,” said principal Carolyn Evans. : Children are the worst critics of other children. You have other kids who are going to bully them about this, and in order to clear some of that up, we want to fix it.

Evans says a limited amount of clothing and grooming tools will be available for those who participate. For more information about the Groom Groom Room program, you can contact the Fluellen Recreation Center at 706-641-5950.

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