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TWP PAINT. – The Township of Paint will speak to Brookfield Renewable, owners of the Piney Dam, regarding a possible recreational development of the former US Highway 322 bridge site.

“Let’s take a look at the basics,” said Jeff Corcetti, Supervisor of Paint Township. “I don’t know how much land we have there or what our hold is, but maybe we can start something there.”

Corcetti said a boat launch or kayak launch area may be possible.

“The township has taken a number of additional legal steps to ensure that this area remains the property of the township, now it would be nice to put something there that the whole township can use.”

The old bridge was replaced in 1987, removing the sharp bends at each end of the old, narrow steel bridge. The Township of Clarion has reclaimed the land at the other end of the old bridge.

With the Piney Dam, Brookfield Renewal controls the flow of water in the area and has a great influence on the use of “Piney Lake”.

The North Country Trail, an unpaved hiking trail, also has a starting point where the old US Route 322 and the “new” approach to the bridge diverge.

The impromptu discussion took place on December 15 as Paint Township Secretary Jacqui Blose explained how the township can use its federal COVID-19 relief money.

Blose said the county hosted an online fundraising session and the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors also recently released updated guidelines.

“Basically, we are still subject to the final provisional rules which are not the final rules,” said Blose, explaining the continuing vagueness of regulations regarding relief funds.

Paint Township has received approximately $ 83,000 in COVID-19 relief funding and will receive a similar amount next year.

Blose presented a list of projects not eligible for funding and a list of projects the money can be used for.

“Equipment and infrastructure are not eligible,” Blose said. “Water and sewage, yes, help for private companies, maybe, but they’re really pushing things out,” Blose said. “Things that get people out. It looks like some of the COVID money could be used as matching funds for (from the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) grants.”

Corcetti said “good fiscal management” puts Paint Township in a “good place” that would allow most COVID-19 relief efforts to go to recreation projects.

“I know there’s not much we can do with $ 83,000,” Corcetti said. “But maybe with a grant and if Brookfield joined us, we could have something there.”

Supervisor Ken Ganoe said he would support the effort and agreed the township should contact Brookfield to join the plan.

New supervisor Craig D. Lewis, elected in the November election, said he believed the plan “was worth a try.”

Paint Township Supervisor Donald L. Clinger, whose term ends at the end of 2021, was absent from the meeting. He has not attended a meeting since August.

Lewis and Corcetti agreed that a recreation area by the Clarion River could also benefit and complement the Rail 66 Country Trail, which has a starting point along US Route 322 near Dairy Queen.

“I never imagined the number of people taking this trail now,” Lewis said.

Blose said she would contact Brookfield Renewable about the idea.

In the other cases, Corcetti and Ganoe:

4Gave final approval for a budget of $ 976,017 for 2022 that does not include any tax increases.

4 Appointed Larry Zacherl to the township board of auditors after the person who won the post by written votes in the November general election refused to accept the post.

The Board of Auditors will meet on January 4 for its first meeting of the year.


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