Nonprofit to Build Lucasville’s First Outdoor Recreation Area


LUCASVILLE, Ohio. (WSAZ) – A few years ago, men in the Lucasville area came together to form Growing Lucasville Opportunities (GLO). Their biggest project is one that will turn nearly 20 acres of Valley Township into an outdoor recreation area.

“It all really started over a cup of coffee,” said GLO Vice President Matt Keeney. “A group of guys meeting and trying to figure out what we could do together.”

They began brainstorming and decided to revitalize the land surrounding the Valley Township Community Hall building. The first phase of construction will include the construction of an amphitheater, with seating for over 100 people. The second phase will include the construction of an octagonal gazebo that will serve as an outdoor shelter.

“We have 19 acres to use,” said GLO board member Kenny Boldman. “It’s very wooded and beautiful here.”

Future phases of the project will include a half-mile hiking trail and a quarter-mile handicap accessible walking trail. The group has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in private donations. Scioto County Commissioners recently contributed $150,000 in funding through the American Rescue Plan Act.

“Really what we do is… we throw gasoline on it and say, how can we do this any sooner?” said Scioto County Commissioner Scottie Powell. “It’s a generational project. After that initial GLO team is long gone and their kids or whoever takes their seats, and long after I step down as commissioner, it will still be there for generations.

GLO board members say they plan to complete phases one and two of construction by the end of 2022. They will continue to fundraise to fund phases three and four.

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