New teenage haven among promised Ludlow recreation area improvements in £48,000 development

Wheeler Road. Photo: Ludlow Town Council

Ludlow Town Council says it believes investing in young people in Ludlow is the right way to go and has taken steps to address concerns of anti-social behavior from some of those consulted.

The area in question is the Wheeler Road Recreation Area and a decision has been made to improve and expand the facilities after a recent consultation exercise.

A teen shelter on site is part of the plan. It will also include the resurfacing of a playground and the repainting of a fence. They will also repair and maintain the soft surface of the playground, install a hockey-style goal post and include an artist-led project to repaint the skate park.

Councilor Glenn Ginger, Mayor of Ludlow, Glenn Ginger said: “Engaging with our young people and working with them to improve their environment and their wellbeing is very important.

“We think this community project is a great way to do that.”

In early May 2022, a public consultation was held to gauge community support for improving facilities for young people at Wheeler Road Recreation Area.

The city council received feedback from more residents, with the majority voting in favor of creating a place for the city’s youth to socialize.

But a spokesman for the council added: “There were however some concerns mainly focused on anti-social behaviour, littering and drug use.

“These concerns were considered very important to address and they have been discussed with local police.

“It was decided that most of the issues that were raised could be reduced with careful planning.”

The council decided on an open design with clear sight lines into the teenage shelter from the road. They say a central position will help reduce the impact of any loud behavior by being physically as far away from any house as possible.

Adding more bins would also help reduce litter which was highlighted during the consultation process.

Ludlow councilors joined youth workers from the South Shropshire Youth Forum and spoke to local young people.


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