New Shower House at Quemahoning Family Recreation Area


Summer’s Best Two Weeks adds another option to the amenities offered next year at Quemahoning family recreation area near Hollsopple.

A 30-by-30-foot concrete-block shower house and toilet is being built in an open space near the park entrance behind the mini-museum and the men’s and women’s restrooms.

Que rec zone

Record use of the recreation area over the past two years has led to the expansion of the facility this year, including a larger parking lot, three new RV sites, and new field equipment. Thu The project was funded by grants and through the work of the staff of Summer’s Best Two Weeks.

The organization, which manages a summer sports camp nearby also manages the Quemahoning Family Recreation Area campground and recreational facilities for the Cambria Somerset Authority, which owns the reservoir.

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The new building adds six additional shower stalls to the property, two of which are to be disabled accessible, authority chairman James Greco said.

Summer’s Best Two Weeks representative Jason Smith told the board at its December 2 meeting that work on the building has progressed as far as it can go right now.

“The building will stay that way until the weather improves,” Smith said, “but we’re happy with the situation (of the project).”

How to make reservations in Quebec

Board members also approved a change to the online reservation system next year at the Quemahoning Family Recreation Area. Smith said Summer’s Best Two Weeks plans to change their online reservation system software provider to a company called Astra.

The company, which offers its software to small campsites, is part of a larger company called Aspira, which runs the online reservation software for customers who include The Pennsylvania State Park System, said Smith.

In addition to offering booking costs equal to or lower than state park rates, the partnership with Astra is also expected to give the Quemahoning family recreation area greater national visibility through Aspira. Reserve America website.

“The reservation process will be as user-friendly, if not more so, than before,” he said.

One difference users can expect to see is an additional booking fee of $ 3.50 applied at the time of booking, said Smith, who is collected by Astra for its services.

Reservations for the 2022 camping and rental season of the Quemahoning Family Recreation Zone are expected to open on Jan. 1 as usual, he added.


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