New renders, flavors released for MTN DEW Outpost


JOHNSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – In end of 2021the drink formerly known as Mountain Dew (now MTN DEW) has announced that a local landmark is slated for a temporary facelift and an all-new job title: the MTN DEW Outpost Ranger.

Now, a new set of renders released show exactly what MTN DEW has in store for Doe Mountain Recreation Area this summer.

According to a press release from the company, the outpost will open June 4-12 with a refurbished exterior and completely reworked interior. The main renders show off a handful of notable features:

  • Two Aventure Saveurs tasting areas in the former souvenir shop.
  • Nature themed wallpaper featuring an owl playing guitar, a raccoon getting ready to dive a basketball and an MTN DEW branded spike.
  • A refurbished fire tower with MTN DEW branding.
  • Flavor voting stations featuring six new flavors.

Inside the outpost, a lucky few will have the chance to taste six brand new flavors of MTN DEW never before known to the public. Those arriving while supplies last can provide feedback to help shape the future of the soda.

“MTN DEW Outpost pays tribute to DEW fans’ bold approach to flavor and outdoor adventure,” said Pat O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, MTN DEW. “The mountain projects we have funded, as well as the variety of activities we provide for fans, confirm our commitment to helping nature lovers gain more access to the great outdoors.”

Outpost spokespersons told News Channel 11 that several flavors are scheduled for taste testing in June:

1. Apple Cinnamon: Inspired by Southern desserts, specifically a Tennessee Stack Cake, this flavor features hints of apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar flavors.

2. Dill pickle: Inspired by a summer barbecue, this flavor is meant to be a sweet and sour complement to southern barbecue flavors.

3. S’mores: Inspired by an outdoor campfire treat with hints of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate flavors.

4. Elderberry: Inspired by juicy berries found in the wild.

5. Lingonberry: Inspired by the sweet fruits found in the mountainous regions of North America.

6. Summer Popsicle: Inspired by frozen summer treats with refreshing notes of cherry and blue raspberry.

Visitors will vote for their favorites, and spokespersons said the feedback will help the brand gauge interest in possible releases in the future.

The facility will officially open after a flag-raising ceremony at 8 a.m. on June 4. After that, guests can take part in an archery tournament on the mountain’s brand new course.

Photo: MTN DEW

Anyone who visits the mountain while the outpost is open will receive free passes to hike and attend events in the area. Doe Mountain Recreation Area Passholders can also enter for free, but will need to register for MTN DEW events.

For collectors, a treasure hunt will be organized across the mountain on June 4, 5, 11 and 12. Those who find archery targets hidden across the mountain can collect tokens to redeem at the outpost for various prizes, including 1 in 750-edition camo bottles.

Each day of outpost operation will have scheduled naturalist eventsincluding planting seed bombs, nature hikes and stream life lessons.

For more information about the promotion and how you can enter, click here.


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