Middletown Leisure Center will use sustainable and resilient energy


MIDDLETOWN – Following the recent demolition of the old Woodrow Wilson Middle School, the new Middletown Leisure Center is being developed by Clarke Energy, which will provide the power solution for the building, according to a press release.

With “significant” investment from Middletown Common Council, the site will include a new leisure office, as well as refurbishments to gymnasiums and swimming pools, creating the department’s first dedicated building, the press release said.

The building will also be used as a heating and cooling center during extreme weather events, he said. If the utility company experiences an outage, the microgrid system will supply power to the building, allowing local residents to be supplied with resilient electricity, the company said.

“We see sustainable and resilient energy as key to the longevity of these community facilities, and we are delighted to be supported by Symbiont Energy and Clarke Energy in this endeavour,” said Middletown’s Acting Director of Public Works. , Chris Holden, in the release.

Sustainable and resilient energy for the leisure center is “essential”, according to Clarke Energy, which will also develop a turnkey microgrid for the site, the press release said.

“This facility incorporates several different energy generation and storage technologies that will be integrated and optimized to provide both parallel and backup power to the community center,” the statement said.

Clarke Energy’s CHP units will provide 35 kW of electricity and 204.1 kBTU/h of high-efficiency hot water. The CHP can provide cold start capability for the microgrid. Additionally, there will be a photovoltaic solar panel, providing renewable electricity from the sun.

Excess energy can be stored in a battery energy storage system to reduce spikes, Clarke said.

Site resilience will be enhanced with a Kohler KG100 gas-powered backup generator. The site’s energy resources will be coordinated by a centralized micro-grid controller, according to the release. The microgrid is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 192 tonnes per year


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