Mayor Bowser at the groundbreaking for the Stead Park Recreation Center


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Mayor Bowser and others at the groundbreaking for the Stead Park Recreation Center on Saturday, June 18, 2022. Photo by Clarissa Villondo.

Over the weekend, Mayor Muriel Bowser participated in the grand opening of the Stead Park Recreation Center. Originally built in 1953 in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, Stead Park was an explicitly integrated facility. It’s been a neighborhood staple for decades, providing places to relax, exercise, and gather for events like summer movie nights.

The grand opening took place on Saturday, June 18, where modernization efforts were the center of attention. Now the district’s first Net-Zero Energy Ready recreation center, the center shows residents, tourists and governments just how sustainable these facilities really can be. Powered in part by a solar canopy, new additions include upgraded indoor recreation areas, updated outdoor playgrounds and spaces, and better lighting.

Stead Park Recreation Center Groundbreaking June 18, 2022. Photograph by Clarissa Villondo / Karlin Villondo Photography.

The new Stead Park Recreation Center was funded by Bowser’s $15.4 million project to expand and modernize the district’s outdoor green spaces, as well as a donation from the Friends of Stead Park. Built to honor architect Robert Stead’s late wife, Mary Force Stead, his wish was that the children of Washington would always have spaces to play. The new Stead Leisure Center modernizes this wish by offering a holistic approach to sustainable leisure.

Stead Park: 1625 P St. NW, DC;

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