Macomb Recreation Center makes changes to fitness classes


Photo by Patricia O’Blenes

MACOMB TOWNSHIP – Major changes have been made to fitness classes at the Macomb Township Recreation Center for 2022, according to Macomb Township Parks and Recreation Manager Sal DiCaro.

These changes include who the township partners with to run the courts.

Macomb Township Parks and Recreation program manager Chris Stepp said the department is looking for a new way to bring more energy to the program.

“We felt we had to change how we partner with people and who we choose to lead and instruct our programs,” he said.

Stepp, who oversees all fitness programs, has worked in the department for a decade.

The first week of the new course listing was the week of January 10.

Macomb Township previously worked with a company that oversaw fitness programs. Stepp did not specify which company it was.

Now the township uses individual fitness instructors.

“We wanted to individualize things and invest more at the instructor level and partner directly with instructors,” Stepp said. “We went with the instructor level instead of going with a company.”

He notes that the advantage of going with new instructors is that it allows the department to have more control over the fitness program.

“It allows us to diversify the schedule and bring in more interesting stuff,” Stepp said. “It makes it more rewarding and beneficial for the instructor.”

Nicole Langlois teaches three classes at the Recreation Center – Always Fit, Cardio Kickboxing, and Pound and Pump. This year marks the first time she has worked with the Parks and Recreation Department.

“I’m thrilled with this opportunity,” she said. “They offer a wide range of programs for the community.”

Langlois has been a fitness instructor for nine years.

“I believe the two words that best describe my style are energetic and motivating,” she noted. “I help people believe in themselves and build confidence to achieve their fitness goals.”

The instructor adds that there are many benefits in fitness classes, all leading to improved physical and mental well-being.

“Exercise keeps your brain sharp and reduces stress and anxiety,” she said. “Group fitness classes provide an environment where individuals can support each other while being challenged to achieve their personal fitness goals.”

In response to the benefits of attending fitness classes, he commented that people say it’s good to be back, and they comment on the camaraderie and motivation that comes from working out with others.

“It’s nice to have that support inside the classroom, and it feels good to get out of the house,” he said. “It’s a good stress reliever when you’ve finished your shift and are looking forward to your evening class after work.”

Currently, eight instructors are working with the canton. Between these eight, they are responsible for leading 14 classes.

Classes include Forever Fit, Slow Flow Yoga, Pound and Push Up, Cardio Kickboxing, and Movement and Groove.

Stepp said there are eight new classes in 2022 and six new instructors.

“Those we choose to recruit and partner with have very diverse backgrounds in the industry, multiple certifications and many of them in addition to having group exercise certification and their class certification specific, some hold a personal training certification,” he said. “We’re pretty happy with the instructors we’ve partnered with.”

Stepp noted that the offers for 2022 are more specific than before.

“We’re looking to attract our after-work crowd in the evenings, so we’ve come up with some good stuff at night,” he said. “It’s called the mixed cut, which is a basic cardio step class.”

Fitness classes are currently offered four days a week, Monday through Thursday, with morning and evening classes.


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