Letter: 56 Acres Project Recreation Area – Planning or Abuse? | South of Lake Tahoe


I have always been very interested in the 56 acre project and saw the latest post on land swap etc. I want to STRONGLY object to any idea of ​​putting city and/or county facilities within the 56 acre project area. To do so would seriously compromise the nature of the recreation and services project for seniors. Parking would be problematic in this area – the only area that the people of South Lake Tahoe have dedicated to their enjoyment and functions. The fact that using the new rental facility for events will already require a lot of additional parking. Add to that city and county staff parking, PD, etc. – it would totally spoil the purpose of this project for residents and visitors!

The current location of the SLTPD, County Courthouse, etc., on Johnson Avenue is the ideal location for city and county facilities. There is additional land which could be reconfigured to accommodate additional buildings and parking. It is also close to the college and city parks (Parc Bijou & city grounds at LTCC). Please do not smother the 56 acre project area, which is so important to all ratepayers, with unwanted office partnership, noise, parking issues and misuse of this valuable land which should be used for public services Recreation.

Thank you,

Judi Allen


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