Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area offers limited winter services


With reduced staffing and resources during the winter, facilities and services are limited to the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

During the winter season, camping is only available at the Kettle Falls, Fort Spokane, and Spring Canyon campgrounds. Campsites are limited to:

  • Kettle Falls: Loop 1.
  • Fort Spokane: Loop 1.
  • Spring Canyon: lower loop.

Reservations are required but can be made in advance or from the campground upon arrival with adequate cell phone service. Reservations must be made at or by calling (877) 444-6777. Individual campsites are available for winter camping at $11.50 per night.

There is no water service at Lake Roosevelt during the winter months. Vault toilets are available but will be cleaned on a limited basis. Please plan water and toilet facilities accordingly.

Snow removal and sanding procedures run until March 31 once 2 inches or more of snow has accumulated. The following areas are plowed as needed:

  • Kettle Falls Boat Launch and Campground Loop 1 Road (but not individual campsites).
  • Gifford boat launch.
  • Fort Spokane Boat Launch and Campground Loop 1 Road (but no individual campsites).
  • Launch of the Keller Ferry boat.
  • Spring Canyon boat launch and lower campground loop road (but not individual campsites).

Additional pitches may be plowed if weather and safety conditions permit.

All dumpsters and garbage cans have been removed from our campgrounds, boat ramps and day use areas. Please apply the principles of Leave No Trace and recreate responsibly by bringing your waste home for disposal. Do not leave rubbish and do not throw it into homes. Under 36 CFR 2.14(a)(1), visitors are prohibited from leaving trash in places other than trash cans as it is considered littering and can result in a fine of up to $200.

All other grounds within Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area are open to the visiting public to enjoy walking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing opportunities if conditions permit.

To verify for specific details on park operations.


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