Jug Brown Leisure Center memorabilia sought after as demolition of iconic structure nears | News



The MN (Jug) Brown Center has been a place where memories have been made for 61 years.

With the demolition of the iconic structure slated to take place soon, Enterprise Director of Parks and Recreation Billy Powell hopes the thousands of people whose lives have been linked to the life of the iconic building will share some of their memories.

The building is being demolished this year to make way for a new, modernized building with the capacity to meet more current recreational needs.

“We are really excited about a new leisure center and all the recreational upgrades planned for the coming months; but at the same time, it’s moving for all of us who have an attachment to this building,” Powell said.

He has been headquartered in the building for 26 years, since joining Enterprise as a director.

“I think of everything that has happened in this building, and all the people who have passed through these doors since I have been here, and long before that,” he reflected.

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“I certainly have a lot of memories there, and I know that many, many others have fond memories of activities and events that took place here that may have played a significant role in their life.”

Powell and city leaders would like to hear and document these memories for posterity as the extraordinary life of the building is celebrated.

Anyone wishing to share their positive experiences and fond memories in writing are asked to email Kay Kirkland at [email protected] through March 31. If you want to include one or more photos, feel free to do so. , but please identify the activity and people in the photo if possible. Please also include your name, phone number and email address.

A dismantling ceremony is planned for the building. The date will be announced later when demolition plans are finalized.


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