Interlake State Recreation Area


I don’t know how many times I’ve gone on road trips and passed certain places and thought, “Would it be fun to get off the road and see where this all takes me?” »

That’s what I think (or tell myself out loud sometimes)…when I drive my Chevy Cruze. I love it, but it’s not the all-terrain vehicle that ANYBODY dreams of.


I’ve done a lot of off-roading in my time; I just wasn’t behind the wheel. And if so, I’d be looking for what looks like a very COOL destination maintained by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and it’s designed specifically for off-road fun. It’s called the Interlake State Recreation Area and it’s not that far in Lynnville, Indiana. These guys do it WELL. Dude, I want a Gator.


Located in both Pike and Warrick counties, it’s not far from anywhere in the tri-state. But anyone with the right truck or SUV or an ATV who can’t wait to put that ridiculous winter in the rearview mirror won’t care how long the drive is. But before you go, this member of the Indy Jeep Junkies Off-Road Club might have some valuable information you’ll need.


Plus, four-wheel drive vehicles and four-wheelers aren’t the only way to enjoy Interlake SRA. The nearly 100 miles of trails are also perfect for horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. Additionally, Interlake offers several lakes for boating or fishing.

Now, when you clicked on the link to visit the Interlake website, did you click “OK” and remove the splash screen before reading what it says? This is simply a notice that trail closures, reroutings, or trail difficulty may change at any time due to weather. You may have realized this, but if you haven’t, it’s important to take note. I mean, you don’t want to make big plans and then miss out on something like THESE guys are enjoying.

It looks like an absolute blast.

Writing this really makes me want to head to Interlake SRA, but I better get something other than a four-cylinder Chevy.

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