Installation of a new air treatment system at the Park Place Family Recreation Center in partnership with RUSH Physical Therapy


A new air handling system for the natatorium is being installed at the Park Place Family Recreation Center in partnership with RUSH Physical Therapy. The new unit will provide 21,000 cfm of airflow, help eliminate humidity throughout the facility, and eliminate chloramine odors associated with swimming pools.

The installation of the unit is one of many renovations underway at the Streamwood Park District, and in particular at Park Place. The first part of the renovation began in 2021 with the creation of a return vent, updated ductwork and electrical work, new concrete and fencing. Once this operation was completed, the installation of a new HVAC unit was connected.

The installation of the RT unit is just one of many new upgrades taking place in the Park District. Park Place had its elevator and drinking fountains upgraded, new flooring installed, and the Community Center (777 S. Bartlett Road) itself undergoing a major renovation with the installation of turf in the gymnasium.

The installation and reopening of the aquatic center are scheduled for Thursday, March 10.

As the pools are closed during installation, Fitness and Aquatic Center members can use their Streamwood Park District Membership at the Bartlett Park District Fitness and Aquatic Centers. Bartlett Park District is located at 700 S. Bartlett Road.

If you have any questions regarding the closure, renovations, or access to the Bartlett Park District, please contact Superintendent of Recreation Steve Muenz at [email protected]

If you would like to keep up to date with current projects in the Streamwood Park District, please visit us online at


The Streamwood Park District serves over 40,000 Streamwood residents, offering hundreds of seasonal programs. Ranging from fitness, aquatics, youth and adult athletics, the Streamwood Park District continues to strive to accommodate the diverse community of Streamwood daily with a multitude of programs, events and classes .


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