Immersive sensory room open at the Fasken Recreation Center

The City of Laredo opened the doors to the first sensory room of its kind at the Fasken Recreation Center on Wednesday, June 22. Courtesy Image
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LAREDO, TX – The Town of Laredo opened the doors to the first sensory room of its kind at the Fasken Recreation Center on Wednesday, June 22. It will provide a dedicated space for sensory experiences designed to help people with special healthcare needs feel calm, supported and focused. A “sensory environment” provides the zones with opportunities for education and recreation, with therapeutic amenities such as weighted products, soft play equipment, bubble tubes and interactive wall panels.

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A sensory room has many benefits for people with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, or sensory processing disorders. This initiative helps them learn to interact with the world around them in a safe environment that builds their confidence and improves their ability to deal with real-life experiences. Users can develop a wide range of fine and gross motor skills and speech and language through these resources and social interactions. In addition, our sensory room:

  • Enhance learning through play – Our sensory room has been designed with themes such as watercolors for visual research and music therapy. Play allows children to develop their speaking and language skills as well as their listening skills. Additionally, children who play with their parents/guardians and peers learn how relationships work through their play experiences.
  • Provide visitors with physical, occupational, speech and therapeutic recreational activities to enhance their unique health care needs. In addition to our program resources, we provide families with on-site information about emergency preparedness and sensory regulation items that can follow the participant home.
  • Within the Sensory Room is an area called the Calming Sensory Room, the perfect place for people who need soothing or relaxation at key times of the day. The theme and the equipment under the sea: soothing music, sensory cushion, fiber optics, bubble tube, bubble wall, projectors…

This project is a collaboration between District 7 Council Member Vanessa Perez, City of Laredo Parks and Recreation Department, City of Laredo Health Department Family Support and Community Resources, and Children’s Program and young adults with special health needs.

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